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2024 Pulman Group and IG Group Testimonial header banner with fleet of Tiguan cars

Pulman Group Support Family-owned Business with 14 e-hybrid Fleet Vehicles

Watch the video testimonial below from Nathan Hoey, Director of IG Group Company.

2024 Pulman Group and IG Group Testimonial header banner with fleet of Tiguan cars

Pulman Group supplied IG Group, based in Peterlee with 14 eHybrid Tiguan vehicles to join their fleet and support the sustainability goals of a fellow family-run local business.

IG Group is one of the largest independent suppliers of non-food consumable products to the hospitality, catering, contract cleaner and care home industries to name a few. Their products include everything from glassware, cutlery, and napkins to cleaning materials, disposables, and kitchen utensils.

In recent years, IG Group have shifted their focus to sustainability and in 2023 they recycled a huge 17.4 tonnes of wood, 21.6 tonnes of polythene and 51.9 tonnes of cardboard. In addition to this fantastic feat, IG Group wanted to sprint father towards a sustainable future with the introduction of environmentally conscious cars.

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2024 Row of Volkswagen Tiguan Hybrid cars at IG Group

IG Group reached out to Pulman Group with their goals, and they successfully acquired 14 Volkswagen Tiguan eHybrid vehicles to add to their fleet and move towards greener transport for their business.

The Volkswagen Tiguan eHybrid vehicle houses the latest generation of TSI petrol engine in conjunction with a powerful electric motor delivering a combined system power available in 204 and 272PS variants. The inclusion of the electric motor gives the vehicle up to 62 miles of extra range which is fantastic for every day driving and business miles too.

Throughout the process of acquiring the fleet from Pulman group, Nathan Hoey, the Director of IG Group commented on the efficiency of Pulman Group saying “The process of purchasing the vehicles was very easy. Staff were very attentive and made the process almost seamless.”
When asked why IG Group chose Pulman Group as their supplier for their hybrid fleet, Nathan quoted “Being a family business, we wanted to work with another family business and they’re a market leading company, that’s why we chose Pulman.”
2024 Row of Volkswagen Tiguan Hybrid cars at IG Group

Pulman Group have over 25 years’ experience in the motor industry as a family run organisation and have supplied countless businesses with a fleet they can be proud of.

This includes supplying the latest environmentally conscious hybrid and electric cars for use across firms in the Northeast region.

Pulman Group’s Business Development Manager, Simon Cullen described the experience of helping IG Group to fulfil their fleet requirements.

“Working alongside IG Group, learning about their business and ultimately being able to offer a tailored solution to their fleet requirement has been incredibly rewarding. It’s fantastic to support a local firm, particularly one whose core values align with our own at Pulman Group.”

He also goes on to describe the importance of committing to a sustainable future through staff and environmentally friendly choices.

“Like us, IG Group are fully committed to caring for and developing their staff and implementing a sustainable and environmentally aware business model. Their choice of hybrid vehicle absolutely demonstrates this.”
Simon Cullen Pulman Group and Nathan Goey IG Group