Pulman Seasonal Check Get set for Summer with a health check from our experts for only £20

Pulman Summer Health Check

Even if the sun isn’t shining quite as brightly as we’d hoped or indeed, at all, many of us are still using our air conditioning system to keep cool now that summer is here.

Your Summer Health Check includes a wash and vacuum and Air Con refresh/ Anti-Bacterial cleanse. Our air-con refresh helps to ensure that your air conditioning system is working as effectively and efficiently as possible, and it also ensures that it smells as fresh and clean as possible.

Plus, as part of our Seasonal Health Check, Volkswagen-trained technicians will complete a thorough safety inspection of your vehicle, checking vital maintenance areas such as external, internal, under bonnet, brakes and suspension, underbody and tyres. This will be carried out using state-of-the-art technology and specialist equipment. You will then receive a report of the findings and a complimentary video showing any advisories, so you can see the results of our vigorous checks for yourself.

Mechanic using a wrench
Mechanic working in a garage on a car

For only £20 RRP, the check includes:

  • Air conditioning refresh
  • Top-up fluids
  • Battery check
  • Health check
  • Wash & Vacuum

To find out more, please contact our service team, on (0191 541 2025), who will be more than happy to discuss the details. Alternatively, book with the link below.

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