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Hotel4Tyres We supply, fit and store your winter and summer tyres.

Hotel4Tyres - We supply, fit and store your winter and summer tyres.

We all know winter is a time to put on sensible clothes and boots... but it’s just as important to tread carefully in our cars by putting on appropriate tyres. Now, being geared up for all that snow, rain and ice is just a car ride away at Pulman’s aptly named Hotel4Tyres. And there’s no need to stress about keeping your ordinary tyres in tip-top condition in a damp garage – Hotel4Tyres will take care of them for you.

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Supply, Store & Fit Winter Tyres

We will supply you with winter tyres (with or without wheels). As part of the package, we will also store these tyres for you until you are ready to have them fitted, which is also included.

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Store & Re-Fit Summer Tyres

When the winter tyres are fitted, as part of the package, we will also fully check and store your summer tyres. Then after the winter period, we will re-fit your summer tyres.

Winter Tyre Information:

Winter tyres are a fantastic approach to driving safely during the winter period. You can be assured that you will have more control in the rain, snow, and ice, along with safer braking distances.

7°C is the point at which you should consider switching to winter tyres

The temperature is crucial to the performance of your tyres. When the temperature drops below 7°C the tread compound in standard tyres begins to harden and gives you less grip, compromising the performance of your vehicle.

What’s different about winter tyres?

Winter tyres are made with a higher natural rubber content that keeps tyres soft and flexible even in colder weather conditions. They have a different tread pattern which maintains their highly effective contact with the road for greater traction.

Why are winter tyres safer below 7°C?

Winter tyres significantly improve grip and reduce stopping distances in temperatures below 7°C because, unlike standard tyres, they don’t harden. This enables them to maintain better traction in low temperatures, as well as in the wet and on snow, slush and ice, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving braking distance.

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Terms & Conditions:

*‘Hotel for Tyres’ available on new Winter Tyre/wheel orders. A 30% deposit is required to secure ‘Hotel for Tyres’ service. Includes: one-set of new Winter Tyres/wheels. Includes: Winter and Summer Tyre/wheel storage. Includes: one-time Winter Tyre/wheel fitting and one-time Summer Tyre fitting. Additional Winter & Summer Tyre fitting will cost £10 + VAT per tyre. Customer must give at least 48 hours notice prior to tyre fitting.