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Ohme - EV Home Charging

Volkswagen Group have made charging at home cheaper and greener by teaming up with Ohme. Pronounced “Oh-me” - Ohme are on a mission to speed up the global transition to clean energy by providing an easy-to-use smart charging system.

The Ohme Home Pro wallbox is packed with lots of intelligent features which can help you charge your electric vehicle when carbon intensity on the Grid is at its lowest and, if you have an energy tariff with variable or intelligent rates, can intelligently charge your vehicle when energy rates are low. Thus helping you save money as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

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Your charging your way with Ohme

  • Tariff integration - Connect to your electricity tariff to charge at the cheapest rate.
  • Charge scheduling - Use scheduling tools to make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you are.
  • Quick boost - Use Ohme’s ‘max charge’ feature to give your vehicle a boost.
  • Cost management - Save money on charging by setting a maximum price cap.
  • Charge history - See how much you’ve been charged and spent each moment.
  • Green Charging - Charge your vehicle when carbon intensity on the Grid is as its lowest.

Why charge with Ohme?

Simple set-up

A straightforward installation process and easy-to-use app will have you charging in no time at all.

Low-Cost charging

Ohme chooses the cheapest and greenest times for you to charge based on your current energy tariff and charging needs.

Smart technology

Paving the way in EV charging, Ohme enables the smartest energy tariffs. Our team of tech innovators are always ahead of the curve.

Customer Focussed

The customer is at the heart of everything both we, and Ohme do. Ohme’s award-winning team are there to help you every step of the way.

Ohme Specifications

Tariff integration Save up to £800/year* compared to standard charger and tariff. (Based on using a Time of Use or EV specific energy tariff and driving 10,200 miles a year.)
Smart control Set your preferences and remote manage your EV charging.
3 year warranty Fully covered so you don’t need to worry.
Over-the-air updates Keep up to date with automatic software feature updates.
Dynamic load balancing Prevent overloading your electrical supply.
Regulation compliant Compliant with the new Smart Charger Regulations
Stylish and discreet 17cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 10cm (D). Perfect if you want your charger to be inconspicuous.
OZEV grant Find out if you’re eligible to save £350 on your installation here.
Value for money The smartest tech around for the best price.
In-built PEN fault device Save time and cost on your installation.
Installation included This offer includes a standard installation.

*Free 7kW Ohme Home Pro tethered or untethered charger on vehicles finance through VWCVFS only. Applicable on orders until 3rd January 2023. Additional costs (accessories, upgrades, works) must be paid for as extra. We Charge vouchers are valid for three years from the point of purchase regardless of when they are activated on an account. You must have an active We Charge account to use the voucher. Any remaining value will be lost if the account is deactivated. The credit will be associated with a specific vehicle. The voucher goes towards costs incurred through the We Charge card. If the We Charge Go or We Charge Plus subscription is activated, the basic monthly costs will still be charged for. There is no monthly cost for We Charge Free tariff.