8 Of Our Festive Favourites From Pulman Group!

It’s nearly Christmas and it’s time to celebrate with all things festive, so we wanted to share with you the sparkle and Christmas spirit of our favourite things about the festive period here at Pulman Group and how we’ve been celebrating along the way!

The Scrumptious Food

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the delicious food that graces our plates such as pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, and Christmas pudding with a lake of custard in the bowl.

Here at Pulman, we’ve been enjoying the festive food on offer at the Pulman Café from Christmas roast rolls to full Turkey and Pork dinners and we’re sure our customers have been enjoying it too, there’s nothing better than a festive menu to get you into the spirit of Christmas.

And of course, we love that everyone enjoys lots and lots of sweet treats over the holidays (and of course Christmas is the only time of year you can abandon your diet without feeling guilty!)

Christmas Roast Roll
Roast Turkey Dinner
Chef's Soup Of The Day

​The Festive Decorations

Who doesn’t love putting the Christmas decorations up. Just the magic of getting the tree out, hanging baubles and decking the halls is enough to ignite your excitement for Christmas!

This year we have had some fantastic additions to our festive decorations throughout our showrooms including lights, real Christmas trees and even jolly Santa Claus and his reindeer at Pulman Durham.

And we think the best time of day to look at Christmas decorations is at night. The twinkle of the lights just speaks volumes of everything to do with Christmas, magic, warmth, and anticipation for Santa’s arrival.

And of course, getting the decorations out means it’s soon time to get the advent calendar out and start counting down to Christmas which brings us nicely to our next favourite thing about Christmas!

Pulman Durham Christmas Decorations
Pulman Durham Christmas Decorations
Pulman Durham Christmas Decorations
Pulman Durham Christmas Decorations

The Build Up To Christmas

Even if you’re not that crazy into Christmas, the build-up is always exciting.

It starts with the last two weeks of November when people are debating how early is too early to put the decorations up, shops are getting their Christmas gift ranges in and you’re horrified when Mariah Carey comes on the radio (But you secretly have a smile that it’s that time of year again!). 

Then once December 1st comes along, the world bursts into Christmas with cheesy songs on the radio 200 times a day, people are flocking to the shops for gift shopping and everywhere you go you hear the word “Christmas” whispered on everyone’s breath.

Here at Pulman there’s been a buzz of Christmas that’s just been getting louder among our customers and our Pulman family and we get a little merrier as each day on the advent calendar passes!

The Music

If you’ve been to one of our showrooms recently you might have noticed Christmas songs chiming around the building, that’s because we love Christmas music!

We’ve had classics such as “Last Christmas” by Wham! “Stop The Cavalry” by Jona Lewie and “Step Into Christmas” by Elton John.

But we’ve also heard some of the more modern Christmas tunes such as “Merry Christmas” by Ed Sheeran and Elton John and “Snowman” by Sia.

We love Christmas songs because they bring so much joy and everyone knows them! If there’s a group of songs most people who come into the showroom would know it’ll be the Christmas classics you can’t help tapping your toes to!

The Movies

What would Christmas be without the movies!

Everyone has a favourite Christmas movie and we’ve been discussing our favourites, and it has been hotly debated which one wins.

Some of the Pulman team favourites include, Elf, The Grinch, The Holiday and even Die Hard…

If you’ve been following our TikTok channel, you’ll notice that Max did a popular video on the topic of Die Hard and whether it is indeed a Christmas film and it’s safe to say there were mixed reactions!

Do you think Die Hard is a Christmas film?

Other firm favourites included a Christmas Carol, The Polar Express and even Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas!

The TV Adverts

Some people grumble at the TV adverts around Christmas time (and in general!) but here amongst the Pulman team, we’ve got our fair share of favourite Christmas adverts!

In years gone by, we especially liked The Man On The Moon from John Lewis in 2015 and another John Lewis favourite was Monty The Penguin In 2014.

But in more recent times, we’ve really enjoyed Aldi’s efforts with Kevin The Carrot and his Christmas capers as well as supermarket giant Tesco’s ad this year.

But never mind other people’s adverts, we were so excited to film our own little ad telling the story of a little boy who visited our showroom and lost his teddy bear. But even though the teddy bear was lost, he had fun around our showroom and was even reunited with his owner.

Teddy Bear Video

The Jumper Days

Another great part about the festive season is Christmas Jumper Day and this year we partnered with automotive charity Ben to show off all our jolly Christmas jumpers and raise money for a fabulous cause.

Ben is a charity that supports those working or have worked in the automotive industry giving help to those in need with health, mental health and create lasting changes to people’s lives.

Check out some of the best Christmas Jumpers our teams across the Northeast wore on our Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas Jumper Day
Christmas Jumper Day
Christmas Jumper Day
Christmas Jumper Day

The Snow

Some love it, some hate it, but we LOVE the snow here at Pulman! We were so excited when snow fell this year at the beginning of December, and we had a dusting of snow upon the dealerships.

That snow just built and built during the first few days of December, and we were loving it so much we couldn’t help but share it with you all!