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Pulman Group is gearing up to celebrate its 25th anniversary in style, and what better way to do it than with a brand-new promotional film? Since our conception as a brand, Pulman Group has consistently produced promotional films over the years to showcase the latest cars, brands and faces within the business. In this blog post, we'll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and showcase four remarkable promotional films from the past 25 years that have defined Pulman's success.


Pulman Video Promotional Advert Film Movie Blog

"Pulman Volkswagen TV Advert" (2000):

Starting strong with Mr Mike Pulman himself introducing this 'Pulman Volkswagen' advert from multiple locations around Durham with iconic delivery! Filmed and launched in 2000, this advert certainly looks it's age, with the 'New' Beetle, Mk4 Golf and Lupo on display at the beginning. It's so good it almost needs recreating!

Pulman Video Promotional Advert Film Movie Blog

"Pulman Services" (2011)

By 2011 Pulman Volkswagen had grown into Pulman Group, introducing Škoda and SEAT franchises into the business. This informational video created on behalf of Volkswagen to promote servicing and educate customers on the service journey. Hosted by then Brand Manager, now Operations Director, Michael Lines. 

TV Pulman Video Promotional Advert Film Movie Blog


"Pulman TV Advert" (2015)

Moving on to 2015 and Pulman Group launched another television advert, this time targeting families within the Durham and Sunderland areas. This film features more actors and less familiar faces than the previous two videos, however what it does do is showcase just how cool using an iPad to choose the colour of your car is. 

Being Pulman Video Promotional Advert Film Movie Blog

"Being Pulman - #ThatsPulman" (2016):

The very first 'Being Pulman' video came in 2016 and makes up for all the unfamiliar faces in the TV advert with plenty of recognisable talent in the actors place. With the likes of Mark Stafford - Sales Manager at Škoda Cramlington, Chris Slater - Commercial Director, Phillip Arnott - Durham Sites Service Manager and Natalie Wilson - Group Marketing Manager. This has to be a favourite within the Pulman Family.

Being Pulman Wander Films Advert Promotional video

"Being Pulman" (2023) Behind the Scenes

A New Promotional Film Takes Center Stage! In June 2023, Pulman Group was joined by Wander Films, a North East based production company to assist in producing the latest and greatest promotional film for our brand. Featuring 15 members of staff as well as a professional actress, this eagerly awaited production is bound to capture the hearts and minds of all involved.

So make sure you don't miss out on the new 'Being Pulman' promotional film expected later this year! Get all the updates via our social channels below!