Behind The Scenes: Our Halloween Video 2023! 

You may have seen our recent spooky video for our Halloween celebrations, but just how did we catch those cars on camera?

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes with us at our Halloween video shoot and discover all the trickery that unfolded that spooky night!

Volkswagen Durham At Night


The Idea

The marketing team put their heads together to think of the concept for this video, we wanted to provide the typical scares of a Halloween movie but incorporate the cars… so after some head scratching, we decided to give our cars personalities!

Playful but spooky was the undertone of our idea and we certainly think it paid off.

Halloween Video Filming
Halloween Video Filming
Halloween Video Filming

The Making Of…

To set the ghostly mood, we waited until nightfall and started setting up the cameras with James, our videographer taking the lead and Max getting in the groove for his starring role!

If you don’t like spoilers or want to maintain the mystery in our video, stop reading now as we’re going to tell you exactly how we filmed the video…

Here’s the spoiler: Our cars messing around was just April, our Marketing Coordinator, hiding in and around the cars like this Golf R!

Natalie our Group Marketing Manager was also on hand to keep things running smoothly.

Halloween Video Filming
Halloween Video Filming

We wanted to make sure some of Max’s reactions were genuine in the video, and you might recall the car horn going off and frightening Max.

This was a genuine jump scare and we got him good!

Marketing Team BTS

It was so much fun to film and looked even better when James had worked his editing magic in post-production.

If you missed the video, you can watch it here!

Halloween Video Placeholder