Discover The Autoglym Lifeshine Treatment

Picture this, you’ve just bought your new car and it looks stunning, from the immaculate paintwork and shine it gives off to the faultless interior that’s untouched.

However, once you take it home from the showroom, you drive and life throws everything it has at your brand-new car, like rain, dirt, spills and even UV rays and suddenly your car is looking dull.

But what If you could keep your cars showroom finish for a lifetime? With Autoglym’s Lifeshine package you can do just that!

If we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading to discover what the Lifeshine package includes, how it works and how it can help you maintain a showroom ready car.

What is the Autoglym Lifeshine Cerafuse Treatment?

Make sure to check out our video on the Autoglym range as Max takes you through the best features on using Autoglym with your vehicle.

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What Is The Autoglym Lifeshine Treatment?

The Lifeshine treatment is a three-step process where your car is fully treated to protect against spills on upholstery, paintwork damage from dirt and bird droppings as well as protecting your glass.

The three-part process means the Lifeshine system is applied to the exterior of your car across the paintwork, the interior of your car and the glass on your windows and windscreen to give the whole car a lifetime of protection against the elements and whatever life throws at you.

The Three-Step Lifeshine Process

Back end of Autoglym car exterior

Step One: The Exterior

Life can throw a lot at the paintwork on your car such as damage from dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and other environmental contaminants. When your paintwork is treated with Autoglym’s Lifeshine products, it provides a protective barrier onto the body work.

It also acts as a water repellent coating that can enhance the paintwork on your car to keep its showroom shine. Even if you’ve just purchased a used car, this treatment works on vehicles up to 10 years old!

Autoglym cleaning interior of car

Step Two: The Interior

When you’re using a car in your daily life there’s bound to be accidents especially if you’re a young family where spills are common or have pets. General use of your car can lead to stains such as mud, drinks spillages, and watermarks.

These marks can be tough to clean and may remain even after hours of scrubbing. But this can be avoided with the next step of the Lifeshine process.

Application of the Lifeshine system to your upholstery creates a stain and spill-resistant coating on leather as well as fabric. The water-repellent properties allow spillages to be wiped up easily and creates an easy-clean surface to erase muddy paws and sticky finger marks.

Autoglym Glass

Step Three: The Glass

The glass on your car can attract dirt extremely easily which can affect the visibility during your drive and sometimes your wipers can’t get to the embedded dirt. It can also create watermarks that can only be removed with hours of scrubbing and buffing.

But Autoglym treated glass can protect all windows from contaminants leaving you with a clear field of vision as well as repelling water for reduced streaks, excellent visibility, and easy cleaning.

The benefits of investing in the Lifeshine treatment are endless, from protecting your car from dirt, spillages and more to keeping your pride and joy looking spotless and showroom ready, Lifeshine will help you with all the challenges life throws at your car!

If you opt to apply the Lifeshine system to your newly purchased car, you can get it with Pulman for just £399 and get a FULL Autoglym Lifeshine Aftercare pack included for free!

Enquire about our Autoglym service by using the link below and to give you even more information as well as seeing the product applied, watch this video!

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