England and Leicester Tigers rugby player swaps his little Volkswagen Up! for a much larger Volkswagen Touareg Black Edition with the help of Pulman Group. 

England star George Martin and Pulman Group

Although best known for his Rugby skills, 22-year-old George Martin is also renowned for his 6ft 6in height and rugby player build that manages to squeeze into a very small red Volkswagen Up! George and his family have owned the Up since 2012 and it was his very first car which has seen him through the beginning of his career, up to the present day. 

Amongst his friends, George is jokingly called Mr. Incredible, due to him commonly squeezing his big build into the compact car, like the Mr Incredible character in the well-loved movie “The Incredibles”.

England Rugby Player George Martin in a red Volkswagen UP!

Pulman Group picked up on this fascinating story and just had to help George find a brand-new car that better suits his stature and are extremely proud to be sponsoring him in this new automotive adventure. 

Enter the Volkswagen Touareg Black Edition.It’s a premium SUV with a stunning combination of sports, class, and elegance. Not only is it appealing to look at, but it’s also fantastically practical for everyday use with comfort in mind and enough space for any utilitarian needs. 

The Black Edition also comes complete with striking black accents to give a commanding presence on the road and interior upgrades such as heated steering wheel.

George Martin with Pulman Group's Michael Lines and the new 2024 Touareg Black edition

When George found out he was going to be driving a Touareg, he stated “I love the Volkswagen brand and I am over the moon to be sticking with it after owning my Up! since I first started driving.”

When asked what would become of his little red Up that he’s owned for so long, he stated that he’d love to keep the Up and will give it to his girlfriend.

Michael Lines, Operations Director for Pulman Group comments,We were confident we could help George find the perfect new Volkswagen as we’ve helped our customers find their perfect cars for over 25 years. We’re proud to sponsor George and this fantastic opportunity to own a Touareg to give him a practical and comfortable way to travel. We hope he enjoys it!” 

Pulman, a family-owned car retailer delivering a fantastic customer experience for over 25 years.

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