Delicious Delights From Our New Pulman Café Menu

Recently we’ve given our tasty Pulman Café menu a refresh and we’re even more excited about the scrumptious delights our head chef has come up with!

From the best breakfast options to start your day to a wide variety of lunch choices and even a specials menu for each of our café sites, Volkswagen Durham and Škoda Durham.

And don’t forget, our Cafés are open to the public and all our specialities can be ordered for takeaway for you to collect at your convenience!

Big Max Breakfast
Eggs on toast
Bacon Sandwich


Breakfast is the way most of us start the day and of course, you want to begin your day with positivity and good food. Here at the Pulman Café we all know how important breakfast is, which is why we’ve got something for anyone no matter if you have a big or small appetite.

If you’re a fan of a Full English, you’re in luck here with our Pulman Big Max Breakfast! Expect a full spread of the usual bacon eggs, sausage, and beans with added extras such as mushrooms, hash brown, tomato, and even black pudding. Top it off with a slice of toast and a tea or coffee included and we can guarantee your appetite will be satisfied!

If you love the sound of that but aren’t as ravenous, we have our Pulman Mini Breakfast so you can have the best of a big breakfast just with smaller quantity.

Our new menu also has some even lighter bites for those who would prefer a snack, sandwich or to get breakfast on the go!

Choose from porridge with honey or maple syrup, your breakfast favourites in a bun or scrambled, poached, or fried eggs on toast for a bitesize option or a fantastic takeaway treat.

Our breakfast menu at Škoda Durham runs from 8:30 until 11:30am and if you’re an even earlier bird you can get breakfast from 7:30am at our Volkswagen Durham Café.​

View Volkswagen Durham Breakfast Menu

View Škoda Durham Breakfast Menu

Curry with rice
Pie with chips


Our lunch menu is something to behold with so many options to pick from youll be spoilt for choice!

If you love a hot lunch to satisfy your hunger, we have jacket potatoes with salad and your choice of topping, soup of the day, hot beef and ale role or a scampi roll. These dishes are always a fantastic optionif you’re looking for a hearty lunch full of flavour.

However, if you’re a fan of a light bite such as a sandwich, wrap or panini we have a huge variety of toppings and fillings like simple ham and cheeseto more adventurous alternatives like pastrami and pickles or sweet chilli chicken and red onion.

Even if you prefer a healthier optionthat satisfies your hunger, we have a spread of salads consisting of beetroot, egg, lettuce, peppers, tomato, red onion and a honey and mustard salad dressing paired with tuna, chicken, ham or cheese.

Enjoy our lunch time treats for your taste buds every Monday to Friday 11:30am – 2:00pm at both of our cafés and you can browse our menus below!

View Volkswagen Durham Lunch Menu

View Škoda Durham Lunch Menu


Perhaps the juiciest part of our new menu is our daily specials! Our head chef has cooked up some heavenly delights for you to sample and there’s something completely different every day.

One of the favourite specials so far is gyros with red onion, tomato, peppers & fries and best of all you can choose between our vegetarian option of halloumi gyros or soy and honey marinated chicken. We think this is an incredible dish full of flavour!

Another dish we know is a firm favourite and a classic is our choice of three burgers, halloumi, 5oz beef burger or a crispy chicken burger. Each comes with a dressed brioche bun, slaw, and fries.

Our other specials include a choice of curries, pie of the day and 10” pizzas with toppings such as pepperoni, margarita, veggie and tandoori chicken.

We have a specials menu for each of our cafés and you can browse our selection by following the links below!

View Volkswagen Durham Specials Menu

View Škoda Durham Specials Menu