Rent-a-car Customer Spotlight Pulman can offer car rental and hire to customers with no hidden extras

Rent-a-Car Customer Spotlight - Parking Group Limited

At Pulman we are known for delivering a fantastic customer experience and that’s no different for our Rent-a-Car service. Rent-a-Car makes renting as simple as possible. With no hidden extras, you can rent what you need, when you need it.

We have several long-term customers who have been with us from the beginning since we first launched Rent-a-Car back in 2020.

Over the coming months we will be sharing our customers’ experiences with the rental scheme from Pulman Group.

One of our long-term rental customers is Parking Group Limited, a car park management company in Durham who offer bespoke parking solutions on private lands throughout the North East and the UK. The company have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and employ all of their staff locally.

Rent-a-car Customer Spotlight Pulman can offer car rental and hire to customers with no hidden extras
Rachel Huggon, Support Manager, at Parking Group Limited

We contacted Phil Hilton who owns the car parking management company to share his thoughts and experience with Rent-a-Car Durham. Here’s what he had to say.

How did you find out about Rent-a-Car Durham?

Initially I found out about Rent-a-Car Durham online on Google search in July 2020 when searching for Durham rental companies. Not long after I noticed the Rent-a-Car Durham adverts across social media too.

What made you choose Rent-a-Car Durham over other rental companies?

We decided to choose Pulman rentals over other well-known rental companies as they are very local to our business head office. Our company ethos is to employ locally and to support local businesses which was another deciding factor. We expected the service to be great when we first chose the family-owned business, but we didn’t expect it to be this exceptional, which is why we have continued to use the service.

How long have you used the Rent-a-Car service from Pulman Group?

We’ve used Rent-a-Car from Pulman from the very beginning when they first launched, which is around one and half years now.

Which rental models have you used from Rent-a-Car Durham?

In the beginning our company used to hire five rentals which included three Volkswagen Tiguans, a Volkswagen Caddy and an Audi. At the moment (March 2022), we’re currently hiring a Volkswagen Passat which is the perfect size for our teams to visit our clients.

The number of cars we require for rental changes regularly depending on what jobs we have on. The larger cars we hire from Pulman Rent-a-Car assist with the installation of new camera equipment in private car parks which isn’t always monthly.

How have you found the overall service from Pulman Group?

We find the overall service from Pulman remarkable. Shahkiel and the team go above and beyond to ensure they are providing vehicles to suit my business needs. Pulman Group are very flexible and always cater to my requests, nothing ever seems to be a problem.

Describe Rent-a-Car Durham from Pulman in three words…

Outstanding, helpful and a great range of cars to suit our needs as and when we need them.

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