2023 Volkswagen Annual Service blog workshop

Why It’s Important to Keep On Top Of Your Annual Services

It’s important to regularly service your car to keep it running smoothly and maintain your car in the long-run, find out the benefits in our latest blog post…

A car service is a routine health check which assesses everything from the general wear and tear of your car to the engine’s fluid levels. Regular servicing helps to keep your car running safely and efficiently.

We’ve gathered the top reasons and benefits as to why you should service your car each year.

It maintains the warranty

If your car has a warranty on it, it will likely include a condition that you need a regular service stated at intervals. If you don’t carry this out, your warranty will be invalid, and you won’t be able to claim on it should something go wrong with your car.

Find out when your next service is due – refer to your vehicle handbook or contact Pulman Group who will be able to advise.

2023 Volkswagen Annual Service blog workshop

​It keeps the engine healthy

In order to keep your car in working order, the engines are designed to require maintenance over time. Oil and filters need to be changed at regular intervals to prevent any dirt and dust becoming trapped with the engine and causing major issues.

A car service should not be confused with an MOT. A car service is a more in-depth mechanical assessment than an MOT, however it’s not a legal requirement

2023 Volkswagen Annual Service blog workshop

Avoids bigger issues

If you regularly service your car, you can spot minor issues before they result in major issues. In the long run this will save you money as you’re spotting the issue before it becomes a big problem and minimises the risk of leaving you without a car for a few days.

2023 Volkswagen Annual Service blog workshop

​Protects the car’s value

A car is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make (no matter how much you spend) so it makes total sense to maintain as well as you possibly can. Think to yourself, you wouldn’t buy a house then never maintain it would you?

Also in the future, when it comes to selling your car, providing regular servicing history is a bonus in helping you sell your car quickly!

Why book your service at Pulman Group?

At Pulman we want to offer a service that’s affordable for you! That’s why we offer competitive, transparent, fixed pricing servicing options.

Plus, all of our technicians are trained to Volkswagen Group standard meaning your car is in the best hands when in our workshops. We use the latest quality equipment, tools and products to ensure your car is receiving some much-needed TLC.

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