Always out and about? Take control of everything from your smartphone. Just download the SEAT Connect app, create your SEAT ID and you can stay connected to your car wherever you go.

The CONNECT App allows you to connect your phone to your SEAT. It allows you to seamlessly access crucial driving data and information about your vehicle.

Thanks to SEAT CONNECT your car can decide when it needs a service or maintenance. Choose your preferred SEAT service partner once, via the CONNECT app, and they will contact you if an appointment is ever required.

Learn about the features of SEAT CONNECT

Carefully curated to ensure a superior level of experience for you and your SEAT.

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Find your SEAT*

Forgot where you parked? The CONNECT app will give you your car’s exact location.

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Parking alerts*

If you can't see your car but are within 500 metres from it, use the SEAT CONNECT app to flash the lights and sound the horn.

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More control

Adjust the interior temperature of your SEAT before you start your journey.

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Just drive*

Allowing to access vehicle status and driving range, so you’ll never be more connected with your SEAT.

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Instant anti theft alerts*

It will notify you if someone tries to open your car, break a window or force the doors

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Remote unlock

Lock/unlock your SEAT anywhere, directly from your phone.

Set up your SEAT CONNECT account

Download the SEAT CONNECT app from the App store (Apple or Google Play). Create your SEAT ID with your name, country and email address and then register your SEAT to link it to your ID.

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Terms & Conditions

*not available for Mii electric.

For SEAT Privacy matters and is in the centre of our action. Our cars and platforms process a large number of data to make your life enjoyable but just you, and only you, decide what to share, when to share, and who you share with. In SEAT we build and design products that protect your privacy and give you control at any time over your information and data. It’s a hard job still is our essence.