Tyre Safety
Tyre Safety All you need to know about checking the safety of your tyres

The Importance Of Your Tyres...

Your tyres are the most important component of your vehicle, they are the only part that has contact with the road and they're involved in every aspect of driving from braking to cornering.

Which is why it's vital to monitor the health of your tyres, and we can do it for you!

If you're worried that your tyres may be low on tread, have a puncture or you just want peace of mind that everything's in tip top shape, book a free tyre check with us. One of our technicians can expertly check your tyres to keep you safe on the road.

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How To Check Your Tyres With Our Master Technician George!

In this video our Master Technician, George, shows you how to check your tyre treads, how you should adjust your tyre pressures and when it's time to replace your tyres.

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Did you know we supply, fit and store your winter and summer tyres?

At Pulman, we can store your seasonal tyres until you need them again, giving you extra space in your garage and extra safety on the road.

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Get Top Tips For Your Tyres Here!

Our tyre safety blog gives you the best tips and tricks to keep your tyres safe over the winter.

From choosing the correct tyres to checking tread depth, you can use this blog as a guide to check your tyres at home.

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