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Ready for the next generation of mobile online services: from model year 2021, the majority of new Volkswagen vehicles are Volkswagen Connect-ready. Thanks to the permanently installed eSIM card, your Volkswagen is ready to go online from the outset. You can also use the Volkswagen Connect app to connect your smartphone with your Volkswagen, giving you access to specific vehicle functions and vehicle status. Discover Volkswage Connect’s connectivity services.

The availability of individual services may differ and depends on the vehicle and equipment. You can find more information at

Want to find out if your vehicle model comes with Volkswagen Connect or Car‑Net? Try our compatibility check here.

Volkswagen Connect Safety features

Rapid assistance whenever you need it. If you run into any issues, a flat tyre for example, when you’re out and about don’t worry, we’re here to help. Volkswagen Connect puts you in touch with Roadside Assistance, and if it detects a possible emergency will contact emergency services automatically.

(1) Emergency call service.

If you have an accident that causes the airbags to activate, Volkswagen Connect will automatically call emergency services. Likewise, if the airbags aren’t activated but your Volkswagen detects an accident, you will be automatically put through to the Volkswagen emergency call centre.

(2) Breakdown Call.

Once you press the assistance button you Volkswagen will activate Breakdown Call and send your location to the Emergency Service. A member of the team will help you to identify the cause of the breakdown and dispatch a service vehicle to you if the problem cannot be solved.

(3) Online Anti-Theft Alarm.

Sit back and relax, because your Volkswagen can look after itself. If an attempt is made to break into the car, you receive a notification from the Volkswagen Connect app on your smartphone or by email⁠. (Only works if you have the anti-theft alarm)

Convenience Designed with you in mind.

With Volkswagen Connect, you can access your car without the key. For example, if your partner has the keys with them, they can send a digital key over via phone. Volkswagen Connect also comes with voice control; so wherever you need to be, just say the word.

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Online Auxiliary Heater.

On cold days you can use Volkswagen Connect to preheat your car so it’s nice and warm when you enter. The Online Auxiliary Heater⁠ service also allows you to configure departure times via the Volkswagen Connect app, so that your vehicle will always be heated and de-iced when you want to set off. (1)

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Mobile key.

No more searching for keys - your smartphone acts as a mobile key⁠, opening and starting your Volkswagen in an instant. Send more digital keys to your friends and family and make it easy to use your vehicle. (2)

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Once you’ve set up you account and logged in for the first time, your Volkswagen will recognise you and automatically activate your preferred settings. That means every time you set off the air conditioning, seat position and much mor

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Online Voice Control.

With the optional voice control online upgrade, you can enhance your vehicle’s voice control. Select your favourite music online, search for your favourite internet radio station with voice command, and take advantage of the intuitive destination input while navigating.

Activate Volkswagen Connect

Volkswagen Connect allows you to drive smarter. Volkswagen Connect learns your personal preferences to ensure every journey is made in total comfort.

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Terms & Conditions

To use the Volkswagen Connect services, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and to log in to Volkswagen Connect with your username and password. A separate Volkswagen Connect or Volkswagen Connect Plus contract must also be concluded online with Volkswagen AG. For Volkswagen Connect Plus, following vehicle handover, you have 90 days in which to register the vehicle at or via the “Volkswagen Volkswagen Connect” app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store) and use the services for the full duration of the agreed free period. The use of Volkswagen Connect mobile online services is enabled by means of an integrated internet connection. Volkswagen AG will be liable for the associated data costs incurred within Europe, with the exception of the “Streaming & Internet” services and individual in-car apps. For the use of the “Streaming & Internet” services, individual in-car apps and the Wi-Fi hotspot, data packages can be purchased from Cubic Telecom, our mobile communications partner, and used in the network coverage area within many European countries. You can find information on conditions, prices and supported countries at Alternatively, you can use the Internet Radio and Media Streaming with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone), provided it has the ability to function as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. In this case, the corresponding services are only available subject to an existing or separate mobile phone contract between you and your mobile network operator and only within the coverage area of the respective mobile network. Additional fees (for example, roaming charges) may arise when exchanging data over the Internet, depending on your particular mobile phone rate and especially when using the service abroad. A smartphone with a suitable iOS or Android operating system and SIM card with data option with an existing mobile data contract or one to be agreed separately between you and your mobile data provider are required to use the free Volkswagen Connect app. The availability of the individual Volkswagen Connect and Volkswagen Connect Plus services described in the packages may differ between countries and depends on both the vehicle and its equipment. The services are available for the agreed contract period and may be subject to substantive changes or ceased during the contract period. You can find more details at and your Volkswagen retailer. For information on mobile data charges, please consult your mobile data provider.

1. Works if you have the auxiliary heating feature.

2. Only available with the optional navigation system “Discover Pro” and in conjunction with the Volkswagen Connect app. Five free mobile keys are available to start with for the Passat and the Arteon and, once the function has been purchased, five mobile keys are also available for the Golf. Mobile keys can be redeemed within the first four years of conclusion of the Volkswagen Connect contract. The transfer of a mobile key requires a key sender identity check through the Volkswagen Ident procedure. Following installation on a compatible smartphone, the mobile key has a one-year validity period tied to the device.