The All-New Volkswagen Passat Revealed

Dive into comfort, sophistication, and elegant style with the brand-new Volkswagen Passat.This brand-new generation of Passat is the ninth in a long line of predecessors of a car that has sold over 34 million units worldwide since its creation 50 years ago.

The new generation of Passat has had a complete styling overhaul that has left it revelling in its brand-new image of elegance, taste, and refinement.

To begin, this version of the popular Passat has been billed by Volkswagen as ‘the most aerodynamic Passat ever’ with a sleeker body shape that reduces drag and overall improves the performance of the car.

The size of the Passat has changed too, with a 50mm longer wheelbaseand the overall length of the car has increased by 144mm, ideal for those who need extra space for family members, luggage or transporting belongings.

Sticking with the spacious elements of this car, with the rear seats folded down you can get up to a whopping 1,920 litres of space for storing anything you need to take with you on holiday or during your working week!

The interior of the new Passat also encompasses a carefully thought-out balance of high-quality materials, the very latest in infotainment technology and comfort features for both driver and passengers.

The ergoActive seatswith massage function come as standard in the Life and R-Line trims to ensure your journey is always relaxed and you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed giving this car a high travel comfort value.

In addition, the new Passat comes with a standard 9” infotainment screen (upgradable to a 15” screen) and 10” digital cockpit which can be personalised to the user with options from journey stats and maps to the title of the song playing and you can have a head up display as an optional extra.

Volkswagen have also listened to their customers feedback with the Passat and developed a more user friendly menu set up within the infotainment system to give you the most operatable and stress-free experience when it comes to tech.

The exterior of the Passat has undergone a total redevelopment, and this includes a new look to the front end with LED Matrix headlights as a key feature.

Overall, this brand-new take on one of Volkswagen’s classic Passat design is a great new addition to the Passat line and is perfect for those who want an all-round vehicle. Boasting space, comfort, luxury and even relaxation, the Passat is a fantastic choice for a vehicle to slot seamlessly into your life!

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