You can’t help but have noticed that the Volkswagen range of electric vehicles continues to grow at a steady pace.

First up was the ID.3 quickly followed by the larger ID.4. If you like cars such as the Volkswagen Polo and Golf, then you’ll love the ID.3 and ID.4….they’re all incredibly versatile, roomy, well equipped and good to drive.

The only big difference is that the ID models are battery powered.

But how about an extra dollop of style?

Nothing beats the slinky shape of a coupé…which is precisely what you get with the Volkswagen ID.5

At the moment, 3 versions are available….ID.5 Pro, ID.5 Pro Performance and ID.5 GTX.

2023 Volkswagen ID.5 GTX in red lifestyle image electric

In terms of power, the ID.5 Pro gets 172bhp; the Pro Performance gets 201bhp. The lower power model gets you to 60mph in 10.4 seconds while the more powerful version covers the same sprint in 8.4 seconds. As with all electric cars, the take-off from standstill is startling. You have no gears…well…just forward and reverse…and there’s 100 per cent power available instantly.

The GTX ups the power to 286bhp. 60mph comes up in a hot-hatch worrying 6.3 seconds. An additional motor drives the front wheels to give you all-wheel drive.

Another key detail with every electric car is range. The good news is that the ID.5 Pro and Pro Performance, in ideal conditions, will manage around 310 miles while the GTX dips only slightly to 296 miles due to the additional weight of an extra motor. You can reach an 80 per cent charge using the sort of charger you find in service stations or park and ride facilities, in about 30 minutes. A 7 minute charge adds around 60 miles.

GTX gets its own level of trim while Pro and Pro Performance come in either Tech or Max trims. All get sat nav, heated front seats, rear view camera, climate control and a panoramic glass sunroof. 

2023 Volkswagen ID.5 GTX in red lifestyle image electric charging point

Out on the road, the ID.5 is just like its stablemates in that you have instant power. Unlike traditional petrol or diesel cars, there is no need to build the revs to reach peak power…you’ve got it from the moment you touch the accelerator. There are no gears to work through either.

And of course you ride along in near silence with only some slight wind flutter and tyre rumble to keep you company.

Handling is terrific thanks to the low centre of gravity which is created by the battery being slung under the car’s floor. 

2023 Volkswagen ID.5 GTX in red interior lifestyle image electric

The Volkswagen ID.5 is a perfect alternative to the ID.4 because they’re almost identical in terms of the mechanical bits and pieces. With the ID.4 you have an ultra-modern 5-door hatchback….but if you want just that little bit of extra style, then check out the ID.5 coupé.

The best idea is to pop into your local Pulman Volkswagen dealership and compare them.

Decisions, decisions.

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